KPA Unicon`s  project finance team specializes in providing financing solutions.
KPA Unicon΄s professionals  have lot of experience in finding financing solutions for customers projects. 

Co-development of projects

In the planning stage of the project we provide advisory service for the customers.
» Providing advice on preparing the financial plan, collateral structure and other documents for banks.
» Arranging meetings with our local or international cooperation banks and financial institutions.

Export Credit Agency finance

KPA Unicon work in close cooperation with Finnish export credit agency Finnvera in providing the customers export finance.

Benefits of ECA finance
» Long loan tenors
» Flexible repayment terms. First repayment of principal is typically 6 months after commissioning.
» Competitive pricing. Typically cheapest way to finance a project.
» Can be structured directly to customer or through local bank.

We also offer leasing contracts and financial solutions for the rental time 

We can do direct investments in selected local energy projects.

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