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Group as employer

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Please take some time to explore our website and current job opportunities - and find out more about KPA Unicon as an employer.

KPA Unicon operates across several sectors including district heating, boiler plant engineering, energy technology and automation services.

KPA Unicon Group as employer

"My name is Erno Suhonen. I´m a design engineer responsible of boiler plant layout design for projects and offers. I have been working for KPA Unicon since March 2005. I got to know the company through my previous employer that was a design subcontractor for KPA Unicon.

KPA Unicon offers a wide variety of design tasks, which I wanted. Also the location of the company head quarter made a difference. Your abilities are taken into account when you are planning your career and your wishes and ideas are appreciated.

Working with highly educated people in a dynamic multi-cultural working environment challenges me every day and not a single day is same."

Erno Suhonen, Design Engineer, Pieksämäki/Finland

"My name is Sergei. I have been working in the company KPA Unicon for ages – since October 1997. I came from nothing, meaning that I just saw the job application in the newspaper and decided to apply. My boss, also the owner of the company, told me once while having a chat that the competition for getting this position was harder than to the ballet school. There were over 100 applicants for the job. This gave me good motivation and I was eager to start as an Export Manager Russia & CIS in this company.

I was born in St. Petersburg. I graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute so the technological part of the job did not make any problems although I was never dealing with the boiler plants before. Thanks god the Doctor of Science was not given for nothing to me so I could manage with the job. Some problem in the beginning was the language barrier that I had as I came to the company using English as a communication language. The Finnish language was not easy at that point but I could understand near everything. As it usually is regarding foreign languages – talking was hard. Marketing and sales – no problems since I already worked in this field before but the actual marketing of engineering decisions, it is quite a specific business.

Sometimes it was really hard and I was disappointed when a lot of contracts were close when the year 1998 came. The rouble was equivalent to the Finnish market and immediately lost in value as much as four times. Our business was at a halt. We had to start everything almost from the beginning. The company  ”dried out” and the amount of workers decreased in number but the company survived. After that we had to deal with several crises again but as it seemed to me, the company had already some experience and gained sort of  ”immunity” from crises. Since then the company grew almost 20 times. A lot of young people started to work but the old ”skeleton” still kept the company together.

The competition became harder. KPA Unicon changed a little bit the line of production. Before we used to make boilers up to a couple of MW (megawatts), and now we are dealing with projects of 300 and more MW. The bioboilers arrived but with much higher power. Also the geographical area of our business was extended to Sahalin (within Russia) and Nigeria in Africa. The amount of work grew extremely as well as the responsibility of each project but I would say, the job became more interesting at this point."

Sergei Krylov, Business Development Director, St.Petersburg/Russia

"My name is Jari Reinikainen and I work in KPA Unicon as Project Engineer.
I started working in the energy field in 1999 when I had a summer job in designing. In the fall I went back to Kuopio to complete my mechanical engineering studies, and on the 3rd of January in 2000 returned to Kiuruvesi to a permanent position in designing boiler and power plants.

My job description has varied during the past years between designing and project management. My degree in construction engineering, which I got in 1994, has helped in managing the wide range of tasks.

My job is versatile and sometimes even challenging, but also very rewarding because you can actually have influence in the end product through design and execution of the projects."

Jari Reinikainen, Project Engineer, Kiuruvesi/Finland


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