Leasing concept


How do you get more value to your customers?

KPA Unicon´s customers can focus on their core business - energy distribution, when we take responsibility for the energy production processes.

You take care of  the supply of fuel, electricity and water to the plant, as well as the sale of energy to the end users, and KPA Unicon will handle the rest.


When choosing us to be your partner in the planning phase of the project, we can better optimize the solutions just for your need regarding to fuel and boiler availability.


KPA Unicon offer


 KPA Unicon promise

»   A turnkey boiler plant delivery,
leased to the customer’s site

  »   KPA Unicon is a reliable and financially sound business partner
» Pre-studies and feasibility studies

  » The best technology solutions in the industry
» Financing and assistance in finding financing

  » Transparent concept, responsibilities and liabilities are easy to understand
»   Project management

  » High usability and short response times
» Operation and maintenance services
for the plant’s whole life cycle

  » High energy efficiency
»   All services provided by one partner   » Both parties can focus on their core businesses

As forerunners in the energy business KPA Unicon bring a whole new concept to the market

Unicon  Leasing

» Leasing contract (3-10 years)
» Transferable, modular boiler plants, the plant is transported as modules to the customer’s site
» Monthly leasing and maintenance fees, possibility to redeem the plant after lease period

Unicon Maintenance
» Plant maintenance services
» Own PlantSys® - system for remote control and monitoring

» System for remote monitoring and controlling of boiler plant operation
» System is easy and clear to understand
» Remote access is possible from anywhere

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