Operation module provides a visual Human Machine Interface for the plant operation by connecting to the automation system. User Interface is designed to be robust and support touch screen devices. The operation module can be used by different end-devices without software installation needs.

Plant infrastructure is presented in PI Diagram that is divided into logical circuits. Switching from circuit to circuit is made easy. User Interface clearly states each asset operation status (measurement, color and animation). Assets are being controlled, trends viewed and alarms setup by activating the actual asset from the diagram.

Reporting is a vital part of Operation module – implemented by HTML5 technology

Reporting presents plant’s key KPI’s in hourly averages. Data is also available in minute raw data, daily averages, weekly averages, hourly energy consumption and compiled generation report format.

Graphical trend view complements the row based reporting. Export to Microsoft Excel is also available.


Plant operational data secured and stored for 10 years
» Easy-to-use operation user interface for multiple end-devices
» Remote operation enabled without the traditional remote connection (VNC, TeamViewer etc.)
» The hardware is based on long life-cycle and robust Server-Client infrastructure
» Versatile reporting complements the operation module

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