Prounicon Oy

KPA Unicon Group Oy’s majority owner is Prounicon Oy (60%). Prounicon Oy is a family-owned company specializing in corporate and real estate investments. The most significant object to be managed currently is KPA Unicon Group Oy. The main owner of Prounicon Oy is Mr. Pekka Kovanen, KPA Unicon Group's Chairman of the Board and also the founder of KPA Unicon Oy.

Canelco Capital Oy

Canelco Capital (37%) is a venture capital firm that specializes in company acquisitions and other ownership arrangements of small and medium-sized companies. Canelco Capital acts as a financial manager for professional investors and a strategic development partner for companies.

KPA Unicon's executives hold a total of 3% of the company's shares.

 KPA Unicon shareholders       

Prounicon Oy: 60%
Canelco Capital: 37%
Private Shareholders: 3%

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