Unicon ReneGrate

Unicon ReneGrate boiler plants utilize local fuels

Wood chips, bark and sod peat can be combusted in KPA Unicon's grate boilers in the 2 – 12 MW power range. Our project scope for grate boilers ranges from small repairs to complete deliveries of heating plants.

Main features:

High efficient combustion minimizes unburned char in ashes and enables low flue gas emission
ģ Controlled primary air distribution through grate plates enables low emissions
ģ Safe wet bottom ash removal
ģ Flue gas recirculation for grate cooling
ģ Low auxiliary power consumption

Low minimum load

Technical data


 Unicon ReneGrate
 Water boiler
 Boiler size
 2-12 MW
 Boiler efficiency

 90 %
 Pressure (max)
 16 bar
 Temperature (max)  

 Wood chips, bark, sawdust, forest residues, peat 

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