Unicon boiler plants

We deliver boiler plants to sustainable energy production according to the customer’s needs. Our solutions utilize renewable fuels as well as fossil fuels. We can deliver our plants as turnkey or process deliveries.

Oil and Gas 

Unicon WF water boiler, capacity range 1-40 MW

» Unicon WT water boiler, capacity range 20-120 MW

» Unicon SF steam boiler, capacity range 1-40 MW

» Unicon ST steam boiler, capacity range 30-100 MW

» Unicon MST steam boiler, capacity range 20-50 MW

» Unicon MWF water boiler, capacity range 3-36 MW

» Unicon MSF steam boiler, capacity range1-36 MW


Unicon Biograte, capacity range 4-25 MW / boiler

» Unicon Pellet, capacity range 3-50 MW / boiler

» Unicon ReneFluid, capacity range 6-50 MW / boiler

» Unicon ReneFlex, capacity range 6-50 MW / boiler

» Unicon ReneGrate, capacity range 2-12 MW / boiler

Boiler island

» Unicon Biograte Citius, ~2,5 MWe (10 - 14 MWth / boiler)

» Unicon Biograte Altius, ~5 MWe (18-22 MWth / boiler)

» Unicon Biograte Fortius, ~10 MWe (36-44 MWth / boiler)

Module construction makes it possible to place several plants side by side and achieve the capacities required by the customers.

Heat recovery

» Unicon HRSG heat recovery system, capacity range 10 – 100 MW

Module structure minimizes cost without compromising quality

KPA Unicon boiler plants can be manufactured as module types. The modules are pre-assembled and tested at the workshop in Finland.  The modules are dimensioned so that they can be transported by rail, sea  or road. At the site, the modules are installed side by side and the plant is ready for commissioning.  The module structure minimizes the delivery time of the plant.

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